F.A.S.T: Fall Alert Safety Technology is a sensor-based system, built around artificial intelligence that learns the behaviors of the senior. This “intelligent” system uses easy-to-install wireless sensors placed around the home, and machine learning AI to learn daily activity patterns and alerts 24/7 Remote Care Providers who reach out to the senior, then, in turn, family members, then emergency services, when a senior falls or fails to follow his/her normal routines, such as the time of day he/she usually gets out of bed, returns home, etc. This is so much more effective than an around-the-neck emergency button that can be left on a nightstand, be forgotten to be worn, or is useless if the person is unconscious or just refuses to wear it. (By the way, our service does include an emergency button, but it’s only part of our safety solution.)

For whom is F.A.S.T Used? For those living alone or left alone, whether permanently or periodically! FAST is a perfect non-invasive way help prevent and detect falls!

How Does F.A.S.T Work?

•The AI technology learns about the senior’s movement. If unusual movement, or lack of movement happens, an alert is sent to a secure, HIPAA compliant system.

• The 24/7 remote care team will call the Senior first, then family, and last resort the communication team to call the emergency lines.

Why F.A.S.T.? This is a less invasive way to give peace of mind to families, and independence to their aging loved ones. This service is great to allow your aging loved one to remain at home for as long as possible.

When to Upgrade F.A.S.T: Fast can be upgraded at any time to include

Heat Sensors - Perfect to have it by the stove, fire place, and furnace

Water Sensors – Perfect to have in the bathroom, kitchen, and by the water heater and washer

Social Program- A daily 20–30-minute call to just talk, reduce isolation and depression

Weekend Check in Services- A call on Thursdays to help household, transportation and pharmacy coordination before the weekend

Where does F.A.S.T. go? In the corners of the room and externals doorways, just like a home security system.

Not sure what your aging loved one needs? That is okay, we can help by having you fill out the assessment form:

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