A fall for some can cause more than just bruising; it sometimes can cause broken bones, head trauma, or worse: death. According to the Center for Disease Control, one-third of the population over age 65 falls each year. Falls are the leading cause of injury among the older population and account for more than 2.8 million injuries treated in emergency rooms across the country.

There are several reasons for falls:

Balance: Loss of coordination, flexibility, and balance is a natural part of aging. This can occur primarily through inactivity, making it easier to fall. Did you know Zing Performance helps rebuild the cells in the cerebellum which helps with mobility, balance, cognition & memory. Sign up to receive a free online assessment that can show you the improvement you might see with Zing. YES, I WANT A FREE ASSESSMENT!!!

Environment: Making modification to the environment is a necessity. Little things like removing all rugs, adding motion activated lights, and removing clutter is a great start. Other things you will want to consider are:

· Walk In Tubs or Curb Free Showers

· Lower Kitchen Counters, Install Easy to Use Appliances

· Ramps, Stairlifts, Elevators

Indoor Air Quality Seniors spend 90% of their time indoors, taking 20,000 breaths per day.

Poor indoor air quality causes falls through:

• Decreased pulmonary function

• Increased infections

• Compromised respiratory function

• Exacerbated COPD

• Asthma onset or exacerbation

• Onset or exacerbation of mental illness from inflammation and oxidative stress on the


THE SOLUTION: Indoor air purification with Active Air Technology.

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