Senior Citizens Don’t Fear Technology

The challenges the #pandemic brought in 2020, with all its grief, actually has a silver lining. The healthcare industry is adapting and finding new ways to meet the needs of their clients. Home care companies that will be successful are the ones that will meet these challenges head-on. One way they are doing this is through technology.

Covid pushed the #health care industry to move from in-office visits to Telemedicine visits. Senior Citizens became more comfortable with teletherapy and Facetime. They got used to using their smartphones, and tablets to speak virtually with their providers, friends, and family. This will be a growing trend as future generations head into their silver years. This acceptance of technology is important because there is, and will be, a shortage of staff in the healthcare industry.

The 2020 pandemic also increased the older generations’ desire to age at home, rather than head to communal senior living facilities. In fact, 90% of adults age 65 or older want to age in place in their own homes and their communities. Telemedicine, combined with home delivery services, have enabled seniors to maintain their independence for additional years. #Seniors Home Services has technology to make staying home even more of a possibility.

The 24/7 noninvasive motion system, with remote care coordination, will help your loved one’s stay in their home environment safely. It will also help senior patients and their doctors stay in-touch with each other, which leads to overall better care.

Click here to tell us a little about your loved one’s needs and your concerns. We will match you with a consultant who will be able to be your go to person to helping your aging loved one stay safe in their environment.

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