Maintaining Mobility, Balance, Cognition & Memory as We Age

It's all about the brain 

Scientific research has recently developed a powerful new way for

people to not only

maintain their brain power as they age, but to actually increase it.


The two videos on this page will explain how the 10-minute a day easy exercise program created by Zing Performance will help you accomplish this. And don't worry, your program will be specifically designed just for you and your abilities including from a sitting position, if necessary. 


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We will send you a confidential report explaining your strengths and where you need improvement, and how much improvement we believe our program will provide.


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Preventing / Reversing Decline in Seniors

I remember the sad discussion I had with my mother when she was 90 that "perhaps she should give up driving." Her reaction speed was not as good as it was, and her confidence was waning slowly. Pointing that out to her was like telling her that life as she knew it was over - and I felt her pain.


Balance & Mobility

When you've been very active throughout life, starting to lose your mobility has severe practical and mental implications. Initially, you might push yourself to do what you've always done, but that can become problematic.


Memory & Cognition

When it gets harder to remember someone's name or send them a birthday card, or when you've left your keys - these and many other events make you very conscious that cognitive decline has set in and the outlook is gloomy.


Professor Rod Nicolson
Head of Department
Department of Psychology
Edge Hill University
Ormskirk, Lancashire, UK

BA Mathematics (Cambridge)
MSc Experimental Psychology (Sussex)
PhD Psychology (Cambridge)
MBA (Heriot Watt)

Excerpt from "Changes in memory, spatial cognition and balance following 6 months Zing Performance balance training with older adults" (Gallant & Nicolson, 2017)

“All participants undertook an initial series of pre-tests, and then an identical set of post-tests around three months later. The test battery comprised five suites of tests designed to evaluate cognitive-sensori-motor-affective functions, including Physical Coordination, Memory, Language Dexterity, Fluid Thinking and Affect. The intervention group showed significant pre- to post improvements in 12 of the 18 tests, whereas the controls improved significantly on one only. Furthermore, the intervention group improved significantly more than the no-intervention group on three tests - Balance, Peg Assembly and Delayed Picture Recall. Frequency of intervention use correlated significantly with the improvement in balance and in peg-moving speed. It is concluded that an internet-based balance and coordination programme for older adults can lead to benefits in balance, coordination and declarative memory.”

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